I started London escorts to pay for my education fee but now I love it and want to do it as a career

I was raised by my grandparents for I was living all alone for my biological parents both died in a car accident. Actually we were three on that accident but because faith don’t want me to let my life go as early as a child then I survived. I grew up having that belief why I still alive on this planet. There were times I found myself crying missing so much the presence of my parents. There was good people left in the planet who took care of me and that is my grandparents my Lolo and Lola raised me up to my primary years in college for they were ask by god to be with him in a second life together. I do not know if it’s a curse in my loved ones that they will left me together and will then left me alone. So I do not have relatives to go with for I do not know where they are. What I did to the properties that my grandparents had left me was that I lend them and I the money that I got from it I put on a bank and move to another place where I could start all brand new.

While I am London already I bought a space for a living and decided to continue my studies. But pursuing the course that I had started will cost me a lot and I don’t want to get money from the bank for I would want to get for some important things rather than of schooling. What I did is that I go into job hunting and I found is the job related with escort’s service. It took me a month before deciding to get joined the team and when I fully convinced myself with the benefits that I could get in working being an escort then I grabbed the opportunity. I decided to go on with studies in the morning and in the early evening I worked as a London escorts girl. I started London escorts to pay for my education fee but now I love it and want to do it as a career.

It was all because of the need why I choose to be part of London escorts but for now as worked in here and even I already finished my college I don’t find any reason to stop being an escort. What I do really found at the present is that I am so contended of what I am working with and I would choose being an escort s a career not as a sideline anymore. Yes, I was so blessed and happy that I was able to keep the promise that I had keep on telling my parents even if they were up on heaven to finish college and I made it by the help of London escorts.

There were times I am about of giving up especially when times that my body is so ill that cannot manage to get up for illness strikes and I do not have anyone else to call on for help. A life alone is not that easy you need to be that strong enough in order to survive the storms that will come along the way. If you will surpass all those challenges in your life you will then be great and blessed of so much love and appreciation with yourself for you were able to take the different challenges in attaining the goals that you would like to have despite of all the struggles that you had been through with.

My salute to all the woman who practices life of being independent for it is not an easy battle to join living all by your own. But as long as you do strongly believe your capabilities to live alone then those strong waves along your journey will then  vanish in times that you would  never expect to go away far away from your site. It is not all hard things that you will get to enjoy with living all alone you will also get to enjoy the life of being independent for you don’t someone’s opinion and you can do whatever you wanted to do.